About SCS Roofline

Does the summer heat and winter cold mean your conservatory is an empty space instead of the room you had hoped for? If so, Leicestershire based SCS Roofline has the answer.

A firm with focus

The firm’s focus on customer aspirations is the starting point for helping you transform your conservatory into a fully functional part of your house. By taking into account each customer’s unique requirements, the SCS team tailor-make each installation.

Established by Michael Rock in 1991, SCS Roofline began as a roofing firm and has developed over the years into a home improvements contractor offering a wide range of property enhancements, including conservatory conversions.

Michael said: “Many people aren’t getting much opportunity to use their conservatories; that’s why we offer this conversion. It allows people to transform their previously unused space into a comfortable new room which is an integral part of the house.

“I enjoy meeting customers and I always make sure I listen to their needs so I can understand how they really intend to use the room.”

The conservatory transformation is done efficiently and effectively using the latest multifoil insulation within a brand new dropped ceiling. This is important because it adds no more weight to the old roof and nothing is fixed to the glazing bars (which could cause leaks in the roof).

All the works

As part of the service, the firm also offers electrical installations, with many people opting for inset ceiling lights. Whether or not lighting is required, you can rest assured that once they have completed their work in the room you won’t have to lift a finger. The plaster finish will be painted to your specification, leaving you to relax and enjoy the new room in your house.