How it works

A conservatory can be a great asset to any home as it can provide additional living space. However, often a conservatory can be too hot to use in the summer and too cold to venture into in the winter…

The Problem

Most conservatories are built with a standard polycarbonate roof with a high U-value (a measurement of thermal heat conductivity). The roof will thus conduct high levels of solar heat into the conservatory on a warm day, making the space too hot for comfort. Conversely, it will conduct your expensively generated heat out on a cold day, rendering the space too cold for comfort. Although glass roofed conservatories fare better on the whole (glass having a lower U-value than polycarbonate), most people will still find temperatures uncomfortable unless they make considerable (and expensive) provisions to overcome them.

Another troublesome feature (especially of polycarbonate roofs) is noise. Rain, and even worse, hail, can be deafening on the roof and is certainly not conducive to relaxation. One of the greatest pleasures of owning a conservatory is surely to ‘cheat the elements’ by being able to relax and watch the rain come down without having to retreat to the sitting room. Little chance of that when it feels as if you’re trapped inside a giant’s drum kit!

The SCS Solution

There is a simple and elegant solution to overcoming these problems. The essential ingredient is insulation; the exceptional ingredient is our system. The products we use provide the highest level of insulation available on the market. In fact, replacing your polycarbonate roof with one of our solid, insulated roofs will increase thermal efficiency by eight times (more accurately, it’s 883% more efficient). Our method of applying them is second to none:

  • We start by fitting a strong, lightweight steel frame beneath your conservatory roof, in such a way so as not to affect the integrity of the existing roof.

The specified insulation (normally 40 layers) is then fitted and sealed, with a ventilation area above the insulation.

  • Any wiring which is required is at this point installed by our team of qualified electricians.
  • Next, plasterboard is fitted to the steel frame. This is then plastered and painted to your specification.
  • Any ceiling lights which are required are now fitted, which completes the installation.
  • We encourage our customers to think carefully about what their lighting requirements will be, because they WILL find they use their conservatory year round after our installation.

What We Don’t Do

We never fit anything to the existing glazing bars. The glazing bars have been designed to bear the weight of the polycarbonate or glass roof and nothing else. Adding extra weight to them will cause both panels and fixings to bow, which will ultimately result in a leaking roof.